Emmanuel L White Eagle Art

The Gemini

The Gemini


Emmanuel L White Eagle

mixed media & inks on wood 20 x 16

The Gemini is Kaiju inspired abstract piece, a unique piece using textures, inks ranging from sumi-e, china inks, microns. this art piece is inspired by the Gojira mostly known as Godzilla, Goijra stands for a whale / gorilla creature based out of Japanese sci-fi films from the 50′s. this piece is made with special inks that includes home made hemp oils, and black mayan copal carbon in the mixture. The Gemini represents a duality in one self and the vast expansions of our being and the layers that makes the self, some times our roots are laid intentionally or subconsciously from the environment that surrounds us and the people we interact with through our life time. we are made of endless beings we are a transformation of a primal beast and human amoebas that have collected imprints and developed through experience a collective unconsciousness is what forms the human mind as a whole, in general that is the correlation us humans can find to the beast, the monster, we all have a primal being inside of us. We through out ages have gathered layers to form the self from even far beyond this solar system possibly other dimensions. That is the duality we have with the universe and makes us part of everything around us. consciously and unconsciously this is what this piece of art represents. that is why I call it “The Gemini” for the duality we all carry with the universe and everything around us.

collect this item it is unique and one of a kind very detailed oriented as you can see it also has many secret details that can only be seen up close. this for sale today 2-14-11

the gemini

20 x 16 mixed media & inks

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