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Break ups and Reconstructions

this painting created in march 2009 and finished after a year of Changes in life 2010, This art work was created after my graduation in 2009. with an unknown future graduating as an artist in a shady economy. Not knowing which way the universe would unfold my path, feeling overwhelmed to my dreams and desires. Not living free because of the entrapment of a career that is dominated mostly 99% of your time on the computer even when you are off of work. so this piece represents a human entrapped in the world of technology loosing his soul to the darkness of it, reaching out for the harmony with nature you can see him loosing his grips from the reality of the outside world and nature and spirituality due to this technological entrapment is the matrix where our souls are been consumed by this technology entrapment.When I was creating this piece, I also pulled out my tarot cards for guidance to show me the way or give me an insight to which direction to take but in the cards it gave more of a clear vision of where I was at at the time hardship and challenges ahead . So what was to come in the next year of 2009  I encoded the tarot card reading with this painting and this is what flowed out.

this is a mixed media piece of inks,acrylics,enamels,watercolors,markers,charcoal.

24 x 48 in it is for sale or available for bookings.


break ups and reconstructions


Breakup’s & Reconstructions


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