Emmanuel L White Eagle Art


This is a freestyle UV painting collaboration session

between Artist, and Tattoo Artist BJ STORMS “Aske’ and Artist Emmanuel L White Eagle ‘cyberphunkk”

the whole idea about this was to have a session where we could release our creative talents with no limitations,

the concept was to each one of us do a random stain of UV paint with no design in mind  and then swap stains.

it was up to each artist to  create a theme and bring to life the characters that each artist saw living in that stain.

lol extra note it was not easy choosing the paint stain we of course found some more valuable than others.

We both had desire for some of the same stains but after a nice friendly decision making we agreed on who did what.

BJ Storms comes up with his zombies and I decide to do the Alien theme since I love  Sci-Fi based characters

and this is what unfolded in our non stop freestyle sessions that took 14hrs to finish.

mural is acrylics and china ink on canvass

14ft long x 5ft high




Zombies Vs Aliens


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