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“Owanda” The Seer Lake Monster This piece has Mayan, Tibetan and Japanese influence mixed media inks on wood panel 11×14 ¬†1 5/8 depth. This piece of art represents Lake Michigan a guardian of the lake who over sees it from its depths. Finished along the beach, in summer of 2011 I used Chicago Lake Michigan Water and I meditated as I worked on it with the energy of the solar vibrations along its beautiful coastline.

“Owanda” -The Seer

The Ooze Cockpuss Monster 11 x 14 inks on canvass This a Kaiju inspired piece erotic pin up monster art. A sexually frustrated Kaiju Monster, The Cocker Puss monster attracts  beautiful erotic woman with his telepathy powers, In this piece The monster is taking control of her with his sexual enhancing tentacles. In his arm and he has a parasite killer monster baby that takes care of whatever needs to be butchered for consumption. by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011 this original is now for sale it is 1st edition of this character soon to be made a resin toy so stay tuned for now you can buy it at a very low price.

by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011



11 x14 ink on canvass


” I have become your Shadow Monster” This piece is set in Chicago Inspired by film Noir, the title ” I have become your Shadow Monster” and is just about how sometimes we can become someone elses nightmare and not even realize it at the time. This piece is special becuase there is no white paint but the first layer everything else is ink and water and some other materials like sand and lava to give it more texture not to mention it is also detailed with scratching technique I been developing over the last 10 years this piece and its finally for sale prints where supposed to be made but so far not yet so who ever buys this piece will get something very spacial the mixture of the inks includes black mayan copal resing, carbon from burnt natural incenses , home made hemp seed oil and it was made with a whole lot of love every detail. mixed media & inks on wood by Emmanuel L White Eagle “Shadow Monsters” 2011


shadow monsters








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