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My collection of   Horror Art  for sale will be putting good quality  illustrations for  for sale here at a cheap price this a special thing ill be doing for a few months so get on them while you can!!



beautifully ugly

by Emmanuel L White Eagle
11x 14 mixed media on card board

beautifully ugly

a new series on the way , I am working on “The Beautifully Ugly” the series will be released as I progress along with this style and this idea until ???.

this series is a metaphor for what is considered beauty could be horrible. example l a beautiful lady but a horrible hart and soul rotting away inside the ugly-ness can be sensed by her characters and actions.

Or the other way around there is beauty in everything even in what we consider ugly could be beauty to someone else or even to our selves or deep within our selves, there is ugly that has its beauty and I am with this series making beautifully ugly into sexy pin up queens , Monalisas, Venuses and using the Ugly  as my Muses for this series.


Beautifully Ugly 11x 14

The Quick Fix

11 x 14 mixed media on cardboard
by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2012

pre order of prints are available be the first to order will only produce 10 prints of this image at the max, for originality can be guaranteed.  prints will  be shipped 2 weeks after order at the max.

p.s  is in this the world we are living in today.??



The Quick Fix

In this piece you can find many meaning consciously and subconsciously.

To me the representation of this piece came to me subconsciously just like many of my ideas do at one point.

What I see in this piece is the world we are living in today.

Many of us here in the USA as around the world are waking up and seen that our government is been run by greedy corporations, very wealthy and powerful people, who want dominion of the world around us and our lives, they are watching everything through a peek hole and directing

where to send their light.

They are using the quick fix to repair our broken system that they created that dose not work and they are not interested in fixing it but patch it up with lies and give it the quick fix to continue on their journey for global domination and destruction of classes to leave us with only two types.

Those who are fixed and those who are not.

Those who are not is the ones who are fighting back and refusing to stay behind are starting to do some kind action to make people see the truth.

The quick fix is the lies they use to control the masses from the war on drugs to the current destruction of our education system to the process of the destruction of the middle class, creating conflict within us and conflicts within races and classes, the excuse.

Enslaving people to our financial systems by giving us an extremely high education prices so if we end up with an education we are still not free but enslaved to the system. The list goes on and on but this is what this image represents not just a doll killing a doll but much more.

The Quick Fix

coffee headz

abstract vs surrealism


this piece was free styled over a few months in 2011. I would work on this piece every free moment I had. I started at work as an accident of coffee on a bristol board and it grew from there every morning or time I had coffee, I would put some to the side to work on this piece eventually finished it in my studio with more intense home made coffee paint and techniques other than just coffee off the coffee maker.11x 14 mixed media on bristol board,coffee, color pencils
art by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011

coffee headz

coffee headz

Devour Everything
mixed media on cardboard
8.5 x 11
by Emmanuel L White Eagle

Demonic Killer Clowns are running this world order and want to destroy and devour 99% of everything.

devour everything

devour everything by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011

I will do anything for my teddy bear

mixed media on cardboard

8,5 x 11

by Emmanuel L White Eagle.

ill do anything for my teddy bear

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