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Mixed Media on magazine picture.
by Emmanuel L White Eagle

this piece is a series I been wanting to do and finally started with this study not for sale

basically this a magazine altered cover from a fashion magazine.

I plan to do more altered Images, Its all hand work no computer alterations, I have more I am working on and do plan to do some of these made with 100% my photo works in the future for now I am doing these studies to develop the techniques applied.

Also I am currently recruiting models who want to become part of this body of work if you are interested and like to model, I live in Chicago so if you live near by contact me at my email

the new works will have less alterations and more photo work incorporated and they will not be photographs but mixed media pieces so if you are interested please contact me and also send me some pictures of your portfolio you dont have to have one just contact me thanks. 





Lady Cyber


This piece is first of 2012 on this series I had I mind for a while, and have done pieces before in this theme. I call Cyber Erotic. The idea is to bring a visual of a series of concepts of ideas I have developed over time inspired by many sources.

These sources of inspiration have made several of this fictional creative ideas develop in mi imagination. This series could be rather on the darker side of what could come for humanity, but to me it’s just a story of an idea narrated in one illustration.

 Some of these ideas do could become a reality even if they are portrayed with exaggerated imagery of what could be a not far distant future depending of which way humanity turns in the next decades, centuries.

This does not represent what I want of the future or think of the future but think of it more of a collective of ideas and visual thoughts that I am exploring creating and idea of what could become the development of technology in human evolution and sexual reproduction and the development of bio technology integrated with humans.

 I also at the same time I am metaphorically painting referring also to other themes of technology and our future. I will write more on this topic as I develop more art and have more time for now enjoy the work.


inks & pencils on card board 

8.5 x 11.5

by Emmanuel l White Eagle

cyber erotic

cyber erotic I

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