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Brujas Nahuales Shamanes Series 2013

Brujas Nahuales Shamanes Series

 Shaman Shape-Shifters Series


Hechicera Nahual Tecolotl

“The Owl Shapeshifter Sorceress” 


34 X 20
Hechicera Nahual Tecolot


"Zinacan Nahual Cihuatl Yohuali"

Zinacan Nahual Cihuatl Yohuali
“Bat Shaman Shapshifter Princess of Night”
34 X 46
couche & acrylics
on canvass

by Emmanuel L White Eagle

Zinacan Nahual Cihuatl Yohuali

Vuelo De La Bruja Nahual Quetzalcoatl.
“Flight of the Shaman Shapeshifter Quetzacoatl”


on Gallery size canvas
mixed media
UV Glow in the Dark.
Emmanuel L White Eagle


Vuelo De La Bruja Nahual Quetzalcoatl



This series is influenced by some of my spiritual influences

that have been embedded and have formed part of my culture and state of being.

This influences where passed down thanks to my mother who is a practicing shaman healer & Artesian.

This series is to bring to light and honor, indigenous culture in my own perception, so with this in mind I wanted to bring out a series of shamans, not only shaman’s but female shaman’s because I believe in Female power and how important it is to the human function as a whole.

here is a link with a little more in depth what I mean about Female Power

So this how I decided to bring out a series of shaman Nahuales.

This art is to honor and pay tribute not only to my Mother for been an inspiration spiritually, artistically and culturally but also it is to honor to these ancient guides and guardians of our culture.

 In History through out centuries of human culture and development, for many indigenous tribes through out time not only in the Americas but world wide these where the people of knowledge to go to, they where the doctors, psychiatrist , therapist, storytellers, oral history keepers of their origins and culture, tribe advisors and spiritual guides.

 In several tribes and ancient culture females where the most important roll in there society since they are the life givers and nurturing force behind the human race, they where symbols of fertility and life.

Unfortunately with time man degraded the female roll in our society, in order to keep the power among men and keep the woman oppressed. Even till today is a power struggle for equality even in our modern times this fight still continues in many parts around the world and in many ladders of life.

This series is also my personal manifestation of  Nahuales meaning a “shape-shifter” a Nahual is he whos keeper of ancient ceremonial, ritual and historic  knowledge.

This Knowledge is passed on and protected by generations since before the arrival of the conquistadores a society that was formed by artist and scientist.

Nahuales, are a society that continued the practice and concealed the ancient knowledge of the Toltec.

Nahuales are also gifted with the knowledge to shape shift into an animal deity or form.

  Among  us indigenous descendants and some cultures around the world we can still catch some stories been told about shape shifters  and some of know that even up till today they are said to still roam around us.

here is a link with more info on the Word Nahual and brief history if you like to learn more of its meaning and roots

I am closing with this…

The Mission of this series is to bring knowledge on the topics covered and awareness, inspiration to us as a society to spark the urge in the viewers to want to learn more about their roots and not only yours but world roots. It will give you a better understanding of the world and as a human. We are all one the universe.

hope you enjoy it as much as I have creating this works.


Emmanuel l White Eagle

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