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Beautifully Ugly Series


Beautifully Ugly series continues under development

art inspired by the beauty in everything sensuality can be found in even in what to the human can be horrific, disgusting, grotesque  to the human eye we are accustomed to the beauty defined from a humans perspective based on what we defined as beauty.

If we see the grotesque presented to us in its natural beauty and sexiness our mind let’s go those barriers that holds us back from defining the true beauty in creation itself.


Beautifully Ugly


our thoughts in 2011 on this concept

”A new series on the way , I am working on “The Beautifully Ugly” the series will be released as I progress along with this style and this idea until ???.

this series is a metaphor for what is considered beauty could be horrible. example l a beautiful lady but a horrible heart and soul rotting away inside the ugly ness can be sensed by her characters and actions.

Or the other way around there is beauty in everything even in what we consider ugly could be beauty to someone else or even to our selves or deep within our selves, there is ugly that has its beauty and I am with this series making beautifully ugly into sexy pin-up queens,

Mona Lisa’s, Venus’s and using the Ugly  as a Muse of  inspiration.”


beautifully ugly

by Emmanuel L White Eagle
11x 14 mixed media on card board



Beautifully Ugly 11x 14







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