Emmanuel L White Eagle Art

About Emmanuel L White Eagle

Emmanuel L White Eagle and his art are an eclectic mixture of styles and mediums. From his visual stand point he fuses ethnic design from all over the world from iconography, fashion, culture, spirituality and religion as well as some political and cultural statements of the world around him. Emmanuel sees the world reflected as a kaleidoscope either from his surrounding culture or globally and brings that fusion into his work visually and philosophically. Emmanuel’s art puts the world into unison from his personal yet global perspective deriving the cosmos into his way of life with pure creative expression whether trough fine art, illustration, animation,video and film, electronic music or fashion.

Emmanuel artist by trait is a mixed media master his training in the arts since the age of four started by his parents his mother an urban/fine artist who showed him the use of materials such as paper mache , resins, toy making in cloth, embroidery, metal wire jewelry, character design, and acrylics, color pencils from his father side oils, watercolors, prints, photography, sculpture, inks, acting and poetry. But where Emmanuel picked up the most was from his grandfather a muralist/ painter collage artist he was a mixed media master using all mediums from house paint,crayons, oils watercolors, markers and anything that would basically paint this is where Emmanuel was awarded the gift of mixed media watching him as a kid growing up doing his paintings. Emmanuel also picked up techniques from urban street artist he was blessed to have met through out his life . This is where he learned enamel techniques and also was the beginning of design for him learning letters and more graphical ends of art, since it was graffiti based, he picked up techniques like stencil design, wheat pasting, sticker design, fliers, logos, murals, and fashion t-shirt designs.

Emmanuel also learn trough looking at comic books, graphic magazines and design magazines. Trough practice Emmanuel has mastered inking techniques, drawing techniques, creative thinking, composition layouts, and scenery design, storytelling, character design. So the combination’s of all this diverse techniques and mediums are what defines Emmanuel’s work and artistic exploration making him a diverse productive artist that integrates at his desire techniques, styles, ideas and medium.

Emmanuel L White Eagle Graduated with a BFA in animation and media arts from The Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg IL, Emmanuel is an artist’s by trait for 25 years with experience in Illustration and fine art his illustrations range from concepts designs, character development for animation, video games, environment scenes, comics, storyboards, animation, motion graphics, commercials, film and fine art. His BFA trained him as a designer and animator in 2d and 3d models and Motion Graphics. Emmanuel was trained by professionals in the industry in a vast range of digital production from brainstorming creative ideas for development in post production such as script writing for animation, film, storyboards, character development, scene design, interface for final products and audio.

Emmanuel is a creative individual who keeps on top of most current visual trends, his high level of creativity allows him to come up with high end creative ideas and concepts that make cutting edge productions and setting trends.