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Beautifully Ugly Series


Beautifully Ugly series continues under development

art inspired by the beauty in everything sensuality can be found in even in what to the human can be horrific, disgusting, grotesque  to the human eye we are accustomed to the beauty defined from a humans perspective based on what we defined as beauty.

If we see the grotesque presented to us in its natural beauty and sexiness our mind let’s go those barriers that holds us back from defining the true beauty in creation itself.


Beautifully Ugly


our thoughts in 2011 on this concept

”A new series on the way , I am working on “The Beautifully Ugly” the series will be released as I progress along with this style and this idea until ???.

this series is a metaphor for what is considered beauty could be horrible. example l a beautiful lady but a horrible heart and soul rotting away inside the ugly ness can be sensed by her characters and actions.

Or the other way around there is beauty in everything even in what we consider ugly could be beauty to someone else or even to our selves or deep within our selves, there is ugly that has its beauty and I am with this series making beautifully ugly into sexy pin-up queens,

Mona Lisa’s, Venus’s and using the Ugly  as a Muse of  inspiration.”


beautifully ugly

by Emmanuel L White Eagle
11x 14 mixed media on card board



Beautifully Ugly 11x 14







Brujas Nahuales Shamanes Series 2013

Brujas Nahuales Shamanes Series

 Shaman Shape-Shifters Series


Hechicera Nahual Tecolotl

“The Owl Shapeshifter Sorceress” 


34 X 20
Hechicera Nahual Tecolot


"Zinacan Nahual Cihuatl Yohuali"

Zinacan Nahual Cihuatl Yohuali
“Bat Shaman Shapshifter Princess of Night”
34 X 46
couche & acrylics
on canvass

by Emmanuel L White Eagle

Zinacan Nahual Cihuatl Yohuali

Vuelo De La Bruja Nahual Quetzalcoatl.
“Flight of the Shaman Shapeshifter Quetzacoatl”


on Gallery size canvas
mixed media
UV Glow in the Dark.
Emmanuel L White Eagle


Vuelo De La Bruja Nahual Quetzalcoatl



This series is influenced by some of my spiritual influences

that have been embedded and have formed part of my culture and state of being.

This influences where passed down thanks to my mother who is a practicing shaman healer & Artesian.

This series is to bring to light and honor, indigenous culture in my own perception, so with this in mind I wanted to bring out a series of shamans, not only shaman’s but female shaman’s because I believe in Female power and how important it is to the human function as a whole.

here is a link with a little more in depth what I mean about Female Power

So this how I decided to bring out a series of shaman Nahuales.

This art is to honor and pay tribute not only to my Mother for been an inspiration spiritually, artistically and culturally but also it is to honor to these ancient guides and guardians of our culture.

 In History through out centuries of human culture and development, for many indigenous tribes through out time not only in the Americas but world wide these where the people of knowledge to go to, they where the doctors, psychiatrist , therapist, storytellers, oral history keepers of their origins and culture, tribe advisors and spiritual guides.

 In several tribes and ancient culture females where the most important roll in there society since they are the life givers and nurturing force behind the human race, they where symbols of fertility and life.

Unfortunately with time man degraded the female roll in our society, in order to keep the power among men and keep the woman oppressed. Even till today is a power struggle for equality even in our modern times this fight still continues in many parts around the world and in many ladders of life.

This series is also my personal manifestation of  Nahuales meaning a “shape-shifter” a Nahual is he whos keeper of ancient ceremonial, ritual and historic  knowledge.

This Knowledge is passed on and protected by generations since before the arrival of the conquistadores a society that was formed by artist and scientist.

Nahuales, are a society that continued the practice and concealed the ancient knowledge of the Toltec.

Nahuales are also gifted with the knowledge to shape shift into an animal deity or form.

  Among  us indigenous descendants and some cultures around the world we can still catch some stories been told about shape shifters  and some of know that even up till today they are said to still roam around us.

here is a link with more info on the Word Nahual and brief history if you like to learn more of its meaning and roots

I am closing with this…

The Mission of this series is to bring knowledge on the topics covered and awareness, inspiration to us as a society to spark the urge in the viewers to want to learn more about their roots and not only yours but world roots. It will give you a better understanding of the world and as a human. We are all one the universe.

hope you enjoy it as much as I have creating this works.


Emmanuel l White Eagle

Art Shows

I got invited to be part of this awesome custom toy show!!

Zukie vs The World.

Toy Tokyo Underground Gallery in NY 

 Show will be held at TT Underground Gallery in NY on July 27th-29th .

Reception date is July 27th from 6pm-10pm  see link for details.

right here

here are a few pictures of my piece for Zukie vs The World 


Juicy Lips Couture

Juicy Lips Couture

Juicy Lips Couture

Juicy Lips Couture

Juicy Lips Couture

Juicy Lips Couture

Juicy Lips Couture

Toy Invaderz

Saturday June 30th. 2012 6pm to 11pm This show is set to run until July 30th … @RGB Lounge 1420 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60622 (Wicker Park)

This toy show is to expose a little sample of the vast network of toy makers world wide nation wide, and local from indie, small toy producers, customizers, to top designers and artist, that form part of the thread of the toy community, critter, monster, horror, surrealist, surrealist pop, and contemporary, urban art. Some of these toys are customized toys from urban vinyl toys, Kaiju inspired toys or Kaiju custom toys, Original sculpts, Original resin productions, small limited vinyl independent runs, contemporary sculptures, Plush and mash up’s. I have spent the past year and half networking and admiring the works of artists in the toy community from across the continent to artist and all over the US to Latin America and in Chicago, delving into the world of custom and original toys enjoying and loving their creative input and determination seen and becoming a part of this art and its community and where its headed. So after been around it and making toys myself I decided to start looking since 2011 for a space to curate and launch a independent toy show in Chicago of customizers and independent toy makers that are up and coming and growing world wide and do toys on a limited basis.

“Toy Invaderz”

Artist Line Up

Check out event Here

here is also link with pictures of event customs clik link below!/media/set/?set=a.10150905816766569.401375.741081568&type=3

Day Of The Dead Art Work


Day Of The Dead Friday 2012


Emmanuel l White Eagle

mixed media on vintage wallpaper 
29″in L x 54″in HT






The Day Of The Dead Art Show A Native American Tribute 2011

 Tribute to St Juan Diego and Mother Tonantzin. 36x 24 mixed media, acrylics,inks,gouache.

I spent more than 2 months on this piece is very special I did a show in ocotber to pay tribute to the Native Americans, So the concept was to do day of the dead art inspired and also use it to  commemorate some heroes of the native communtity of the Americas.



here is a link to see more pictures of the show 2011

The Shrunkenheadz Series


The Shrunkenheadz

By Emmanuel L White Eagle





The Black & White Tiki Shrunkenhead

all inks sumie-e,china,indian,microns

on bristol board.


by Emmanuel L White Eagle

limited 11 x 14 gleece prints are available for 20$


shrunken headz  posted 1

The Black & White Tiki Shrunkenhead



mixed media, inks & watercolors

on bristol board.


by Emmanuel L White Eagle

limited 11 x 14 gleece prints are available for 20$



Rainbow Tiki Shrunkenhead






Monsta Juice Projects

Hello This where you can see my toy projects in the works from concepts to shots of works in progress enjoy and make sure to stay in tune to buy them once they are released

all toys are  Emmanuel L White Eagle creations and cyberphunkk studios released under Monsta Juice Toys all toys are designed , sculpted or modeled  and produced by Emmanuel L White Eagle all rights are reserved to Emmanuel L White Eagle.

Cap Head 33

a urban resin figure

This toy is a custom Gundamn Mashup 2.5′  it is dubbed Cap Head

A futuristic Urban Graff writer and time traveller join him in his journey through time this traveller is  traveler backpacking its way to the year 2050 and beyond.

this is prototype toys will be sold blind box end of Jan 2012.

box will be customized for collectors.

only 5 will be made.

different color combos some with glitter.

gear on toy has backpack, spray can, spraypaint cap head.

cap.hdz 33

cap.hdz 33

cap.hdz 33

 ” The Fungi Men”

inspired by character from the film by Toho co. called Matango
Attack of the mushroom people

this toy is based on a munny platform, it is finished been sculpted just needs a paint job hope to use some monster color for this production.

stay tuned will be up for sale end of this month JAN 2012


FungiMan by cyberphunkk

FungiMan by cyberphunkk

FungiMan by cyberphunkk

FungiMan by cyberphunkk

Aracnula X

Aracnula X Concept
This is the official Concept For my
Arcnula x character. this will be the toy design currently a WIP looking to have it release between last days of 2011 and maybe first months of 2012 this will be produced on a very limited numbers to start off prototype is under construction it will have 9 points of articulation exchangeable top body torso and head movable arms about 7″ to 8″ this an original character designed and created by Emmanuel L White Eagle it will be made in resin at cyberphunkk studios.

I also Have a several different versions and concepts of Aracnula X , but decided to go with this one i think is the most fun one to start off with

Aracnula X Project wip 2011-2012

so far this is what is what the torso is starting to look like more wip shots will be uploaded stay tune next few weeks

The Peyote Head Monster

I been planing to make this toy for a while more info on the back story posted as I start production or get closer to release  Kaiju inspired with a mash up of Native American and Indigenous  culture from myths and cultural inspiration based on shamanissim this toy will be made in resin and it will be very very limited because I am planing to launch it on a 10″ scale maybe 7″  4 point articulation arms ,head, and tail this a original character and toy designed and created by Emmanuel L White Eagle  and cyberphunkk studios. 2011 will be released in 2012 some time stay tuned for more updates. 

Peyote Head Monster

The Ooze Cocker Puss Monster

A Kaiju inspired monster this monster is a sexually frustrated monster looking to germinate the world population and reproduce its kind this character will be a mini version produced on 4′ scale on resin  1 point of articulation made on a limited scale it will be  launched some time in 2012 stay tuned for more info and updates this character is created and designed by Emmanuel l White Eagle and will be made in cyberphunkk studios.

The Ooze Cocker Puss Monster

p.s some of these characters will also have illustrations and art made based on the characters stay tuned for more updates and releases thanks from Emmanuel L White Eagle, cyberphunkk studios, Monsta Juice toys.

More older Projects

More older Projects some finished some might get finished in the future sometime

This the digital 3d model designs prototypes for my future a future release that i never got to.

a Pre-hispanic design and Kaiju influence based limited edition series of characters I call

Los Observantes -The Observers

Mayan Octopus space aliens invading from outerspace!

these design has a style I am currently focusing in that I call pre-hispanic futeristic

a blend of cultural pre-hispanic design, tribal, and modern contemporary, with a fusion of Kaiju, Japanese Monsters.

These will be produced in small series once designs gets started more teaser pictures will be uploaded keep your self posted and visit us again.

final materials of release will be posted in future when final production arrives.

by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011
by Emmanuel L White 2011
by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011


this a release sketch of my toy MONSTABABY  16” inches high

i created this sketch months ago and I have been working on it off and on getting materials for it etc etc, this Monsta baby is up for sale 

here !! >>>

and it is one of a kind kick ass must have doll/toy.

design all original  by cyberphunkk

this is the first prototype making smaller ones in 2012 so this a one of a kind piece.



this is my special easter custom design. called “Ixtli Yocatl” wich stands for “eye Creature” it is in the  Nahuatl a dialect from the Native Indians in Mexico.  A lot of my style has mayan and tibetan influences as you can see in this design, this is a concept for my up and coming custom glow in the dark 8″ buneeQ. was released on easter  2011 and its still up for grabs

here !!>>>custom toyz

ixtli yolcatl concept

Here is a shot of and early  update of some work in progress  3-4-11

left is my character”The Observer” now available here >>> The Observer Original Toys

Middle “Dormamu” original design by Cyberphunkk Munny Platform based custom.  buy it here>>> custom toyz

right Alien Xam mini kaiju (Toy Max Co.) uv customized by cyberphunkk
Titled Alien Samsara
one of a kind custom Avilable now! buy it here >>> custom toyz

wip 3-4-11

Hello  its 11-27- 2011  and I am posting one of many quick  sketches for future custom toy releases that are coming soon.

this one will be produced on a 5″ Munny by kidrobot  customized by Cyberphunkk. so I will make sure to keep you posted on this design.

this lil guy is a Kaiju inspired squid cyclops called Dromamu.

designed by Emmanuel L White Eagle -cyberphunkk

munny concept dormamu front
munny concept dromamu back

Horror Art

My collection of   Horror Art  for sale will be putting good quality  illustrations for  for sale here at a cheap price this a special thing ill be doing for a few months so get on them while you can!!



beautifully ugly

by Emmanuel L White Eagle
11x 14 mixed media on card board

beautifully ugly

a new series on the way , I am working on “The Beautifully Ugly” the series will be released as I progress along with this style and this idea until ???.

this series is a metaphor for what is considered beauty could be horrible. example l a beautiful lady but a horrible hart and soul rotting away inside the ugly-ness can be sensed by her characters and actions.

Or the other way around there is beauty in everything even in what we consider ugly could be beauty to someone else or even to our selves or deep within our selves, there is ugly that has its beauty and I am with this series making beautifully ugly into sexy pin up queens , Monalisas, Venuses and using the Ugly  as my Muses for this series.


Beautifully Ugly 11x 14

The Quick Fix

11 x 14 mixed media on cardboard
by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2012

pre order of prints are available be the first to order will only produce 10 prints of this image at the max, for originality can be guaranteed.  prints will  be shipped 2 weeks after order at the max.

p.s  is in this the world we are living in today.??



The Quick Fix

In this piece you can find many meaning consciously and subconsciously.

To me the representation of this piece came to me subconsciously just like many of my ideas do at one point.

What I see in this piece is the world we are living in today.

Many of us here in the USA as around the world are waking up and seen that our government is been run by greedy corporations, very wealthy and powerful people, who want dominion of the world around us and our lives, they are watching everything through a peek hole and directing

where to send their light.

They are using the quick fix to repair our broken system that they created that dose not work and they are not interested in fixing it but patch it up with lies and give it the quick fix to continue on their journey for global domination and destruction of classes to leave us with only two types.

Those who are fixed and those who are not.

Those who are not is the ones who are fighting back and refusing to stay behind are starting to do some kind action to make people see the truth.

The quick fix is the lies they use to control the masses from the war on drugs to the current destruction of our education system to the process of the destruction of the middle class, creating conflict within us and conflicts within races and classes, the excuse.

Enslaving people to our financial systems by giving us an extremely high education prices so if we end up with an education we are still not free but enslaved to the system. The list goes on and on but this is what this image represents not just a doll killing a doll but much more.

The Quick Fix

coffee headz

abstract vs surrealism


this piece was free styled over a few months in 2011. I would work on this piece every free moment I had. I started at work as an accident of coffee on a bristol board and it grew from there every morning or time I had coffee, I would put some to the side to work on this piece eventually finished it in my studio with more intense home made coffee paint and techniques other than just coffee off the coffee maker.11x 14 mixed media on bristol board,coffee, color pencils
art by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011

coffee headz

coffee headz

Devour Everything
mixed media on cardboard
8.5 x 11
by Emmanuel L White Eagle

Demonic Killer Clowns are running this world order and want to destroy and devour 99% of everything.

devour everything

devour everything by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011

I will do anything for my teddy bear

mixed media on cardboard

8,5 x 11

by Emmanuel L White Eagle.

ill do anything for my teddy bear


This is a freestyle UV painting collaboration session

between Artist, and Tattoo Artist BJ STORMS “Aske’ and Artist Emmanuel L White Eagle ‘cyberphunkk”

the whole idea about this was to have a session where we could release our creative talents with no limitations,

the concept was to each one of us do a random stain of UV paint with no design in mind  and then swap stains.

it was up to each artist to  create a theme and bring to life the characters that each artist saw living in that stain.

lol extra note it was not easy choosing the paint stain we of course found some more valuable than others.

We both had desire for some of the same stains but after a nice friendly decision making we agreed on who did what.

BJ Storms comes up with his zombies and I decide to do the Alien theme since I love  Sci-Fi based characters

and this is what unfolded in our non stop freestyle sessions that took 14hrs to finish.

mural is acrylics and china ink on canvass

14ft long x 5ft high




Zombies Vs Aliens


Santa Muerte Scroll

santa muerte scroll

mixed media and inks on scroll paper 20 x 29 in

Santa Muerte by Emmanuel L White Eagle. Sept 2010

this is designed to be  a window blind

painting was created for Pilsen Open Studios Chicago 2010 exposed at gallery Tonatzin on 18th st.

its a mixture of sumi, china, inks, acrylics a Japanese Mexican art fusion.

not to mention this scroll is magical as a created it a prayed for wisdom and peace and love

this inks have a mixture of black mayan copal and home made hemp oil in the acrylics as other special herbs and resins in the mix it is a a scroll to protect your home

made with the with lots of positive vibes



The Gemini

The Gemini


Emmanuel L White Eagle

mixed media & inks on wood 20 x 16

The Gemini is Kaiju inspired abstract piece, a unique piece using textures, inks ranging from sumi-e, china inks, microns. this art piece is inspired by the Gojira mostly known as Godzilla, Goijra stands for a whale / gorilla creature based out of Japanese sci-fi films from the 50′s. this piece is made with special inks that includes home made hemp oils, and black mayan copal carbon in the mixture. The Gemini represents a duality in one self and the vast expansions of our being and the layers that makes the self, some times our roots are laid intentionally or subconsciously from the environment that surrounds us and the people we interact with through our life time. we are made of endless beings we are a transformation of a primal beast and human amoebas that have collected imprints and developed through experience a collective unconsciousness is what forms the human mind as a whole, in general that is the correlation us humans can find to the beast, the monster, we all have a primal being inside of us. We through out ages have gathered layers to form the self from even far beyond this solar system possibly other dimensions. That is the duality we have with the universe and makes us part of everything around us. consciously and unconsciously this is what this piece of art represents. that is why I call it “The Gemini” for the duality we all carry with the universe and everything around us.

collect this item it is unique and one of a kind very detailed oriented as you can see it also has many secret details that can only be seen up close. this for sale today 2-14-11

the gemini

20 x 16 mixed media & inks

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Day OF The Dead Art Work

day of the dead Michael Jackson

day of the dead Michael Jackson

Sold Out
day of the dead Cantinflas

  day of the dead Cantinflas

  Sold Out

dia de los muertos Che

        Sold Out

dia de los muertos Frida

        dia de los muertos Frida

         Sold Out

Emmanuels Catrina

            Emmanuels Catrina

        Sold Out

shadow of death

shadow of death

   Sold Out

day of the dead Farrah Fawcett
day of the dead Farrah Fawcett

Sold Out




untitled 1

8.5 X 11

By Emmanuel L White Eagle.

untitled 2


untitled 1 “8.5 x 11″




untitled 2

8.5 X 11

By Emmanuel L White Eagle.


untitled 1


untitled 2 “8.5 x 11″





photo & edith:Emmanuel L White Eagle

make up: Jonh Genera

model & fashion stylist : Amisadai Campos


photo, image manipulation & edith:Emmanuel L White Eagle

model & fashion stylist : Lacey Heissenbuttel

chica-goa flier

a psytrance event



Emmanuel White Eagle 2010


emmanuel l white eagle 2010

donation to benefit.  Andersons Animal Shelter Elgin Il. 60143

Spirit White Eagle

spirit white eagle

Emmanuel L White Eagle 2007

cycle of life

cycle of life

Emmanuel L White Eagle 2005

“My hart is yours” breakup’s and reconstruction art exhibit

my hart is yours.

Emmanuel L White Eagle 2009


da cypher

Emmanuel L White Eagle 2005

Dreams and Nightmares_clip board series




9 X 15.5

This is part of my clip board series made in 2003 little by little I used white out , regular pen and paper clip to scratch details this is the last of the series have sold out all the rest to several people this actual piece is professionally framed and I am selling it at half the price it really cost me to produce buy it now add it to your wall have a part of my collection.

dreams and nightmares

Emmanuel L White Eagle 2003


Dreams & Nightmares



day of the dead art show

day of the dead art show produced by

day of the dead art show produced by

cyber kabuki mask

cyber kabuki mask

Emmanuel L White Eagle 2008