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Beautifully Ugly Series


Beautifully Ugly series continues under development

art inspired by the beauty in everything sensuality can be found in even in what to the human can be horrific, disgusting, grotesque  to the human eye we are accustomed to the beauty defined from a humans perspective based on what we defined as beauty.

If we see the grotesque presented to us in its natural beauty and sexiness our mind let’s go those barriers that holds us back from defining the true beauty in creation itself.


Beautifully Ugly


our thoughts in 2011 on this concept

”A new series on the way , I am working on “The Beautifully Ugly” the series will be released as I progress along with this style and this idea until ???.

this series is a metaphor for what is considered beauty could be horrible. example l a beautiful lady but a horrible heart and soul rotting away inside the ugly ness can be sensed by her characters and actions.

Or the other way around there is beauty in everything even in what we consider ugly could be beauty to someone else or even to our selves or deep within our selves, there is ugly that has its beauty and I am with this series making beautifully ugly into sexy pin-up queens,

Mona Lisa’s, Venus’s and using the Ugly  as a Muse of  inspiration.”


beautifully ugly

by Emmanuel L White Eagle
11x 14 mixed media on card board



Beautifully Ugly 11x 14







Monsta Juice Projects

Hello This where you can see my toy projects in the works from concepts to shots of works in progress enjoy and make sure to stay in tune to buy them once they are released

all toys are  Emmanuel L White Eagle creations and cyberphunkk studios released under Monsta Juice Toys all toys are designed , sculpted or modeled  and produced by Emmanuel L White Eagle all rights are reserved to Emmanuel L White Eagle.

Cap Head 33

a urban resin figure

This toy is a custom Gundamn Mashup 2.5′  it is dubbed Cap Head

A futuristic Urban Graff writer and time traveller join him in his journey through time this traveller is  traveler backpacking its way to the year 2050 and beyond.

this is prototype toys will be sold blind box end of Jan 2012.

box will be customized for collectors.

only 5 will be made.

different color combos some with glitter.

gear on toy has backpack, spray can, spraypaint cap head.

cap.hdz 33

cap.hdz 33

cap.hdz 33

 ” The Fungi Men”

inspired by character from the film by Toho co. called Matango
Attack of the mushroom people

this toy is based on a munny platform, it is finished been sculpted just needs a paint job hope to use some monster color for this production.

stay tuned will be up for sale end of this month JAN 2012


FungiMan by cyberphunkk

FungiMan by cyberphunkk

FungiMan by cyberphunkk

FungiMan by cyberphunkk

Aracnula X

Aracnula X Concept
This is the official Concept For my
Arcnula x character. this will be the toy design currently a WIP looking to have it release between last days of 2011 and maybe first months of 2012 this will be produced on a very limited numbers to start off prototype is under construction it will have 9 points of articulation exchangeable top body torso and head movable arms about 7″ to 8″ this an original character designed and created by Emmanuel L White Eagle it will be made in resin at cyberphunkk studios.

I also Have a several different versions and concepts of Aracnula X , but decided to go with this one i think is the most fun one to start off with

Aracnula X Project wip 2011-2012

so far this is what is what the torso is starting to look like more wip shots will be uploaded stay tune next few weeks

The Peyote Head Monster

I been planing to make this toy for a while more info on the back story posted as I start production or get closer to release  Kaiju inspired with a mash up of Native American and Indigenous  culture from myths and cultural inspiration based on shamanissim this toy will be made in resin and it will be very very limited because I am planing to launch it on a 10″ scale maybe 7″  4 point articulation arms ,head, and tail this a original character and toy designed and created by Emmanuel L White Eagle  and cyberphunkk studios. 2011 will be released in 2012 some time stay tuned for more updates. 

Peyote Head Monster

The Ooze Cocker Puss Monster

A Kaiju inspired monster this monster is a sexually frustrated monster looking to germinate the world population and reproduce its kind this character will be a mini version produced on 4′ scale on resin  1 point of articulation made on a limited scale it will be  launched some time in 2012 stay tuned for more info and updates this character is created and designed by Emmanuel l White Eagle and will be made in cyberphunkk studios.

The Ooze Cocker Puss Monster

p.s some of these characters will also have illustrations and art made based on the characters stay tuned for more updates and releases thanks from Emmanuel L White Eagle, cyberphunkk studios, Monsta Juice toys.

More older Projects

More older Projects some finished some might get finished in the future sometime

This the digital 3d model designs prototypes for my future a future release that i never got to.

a Pre-hispanic design and Kaiju influence based limited edition series of characters I call

Los Observantes -The Observers

Mayan Octopus space aliens invading from outerspace!

these design has a style I am currently focusing in that I call pre-hispanic futeristic

a blend of cultural pre-hispanic design, tribal, and modern contemporary, with a fusion of Kaiju, Japanese Monsters.

These will be produced in small series once designs gets started more teaser pictures will be uploaded keep your self posted and visit us again.

final materials of release will be posted in future when final production arrives.

by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011
by Emmanuel L White 2011
by Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011


this a release sketch of my toy MONSTABABY  16” inches high

i created this sketch months ago and I have been working on it off and on getting materials for it etc etc, this Monsta baby is up for sale 

here !! >>>

and it is one of a kind kick ass must have doll/toy.

design all original  by cyberphunkk

this is the first prototype making smaller ones in 2012 so this a one of a kind piece.



this is my special easter custom design. called “Ixtli Yocatl” wich stands for “eye Creature” it is in the  Nahuatl a dialect from the Native Indians in Mexico.  A lot of my style has mayan and tibetan influences as you can see in this design, this is a concept for my up and coming custom glow in the dark 8″ buneeQ. was released on easter  2011 and its still up for grabs

here !!>>>custom toyz

ixtli yolcatl concept

Here is a shot of and early  update of some work in progress  3-4-11

left is my character”The Observer” now available here >>> The Observer Original Toys

Middle “Dormamu” original design by Cyberphunkk Munny Platform based custom.  buy it here>>> custom toyz

right Alien Xam mini kaiju (Toy Max Co.) uv customized by cyberphunkk
Titled Alien Samsara
one of a kind custom Avilable now! buy it here >>> custom toyz

wip 3-4-11

Hello  its 11-27- 2011  and I am posting one of many quick  sketches for future custom toy releases that are coming soon.

this one will be produced on a 5″ Munny by kidrobot  customized by Cyberphunkk. so I will make sure to keep you posted on this design.

this lil guy is a Kaiju inspired squid cyclops called Dromamu.

designed by Emmanuel L White Eagle -cyberphunkk

munny concept dormamu front
munny concept dromamu back